“abandon hope all ye who enter here”

                      (Dante Alighieri)

OK, no, that’s not necessary, but I do thank you for your visit and hopefully it will be a repeated one.

You see, I’m such a narcissistic bastard, I love to put my opinions about everything and anything under the nose of others. It has a feeling to it. I love when others read my ramblings (sometimes coherent, though!) and they comment on, they sign my pieces with their two cents. Please do so, if you have anything to share, I love to read them. I want to…I need to! 🙂

This blogsite is new and it isn’t stocked well (yet) on content (incoherent ramblings), but I’ll get there…one step per week.

Cheers and good luck to us all!

17th of January in the year 2024